Marijuana Possession Laws in Arkansas: Understanding the Harsh Consequences

In Arkansas, marijuana is classified as a Schedule VI controlled substance and the punishment for possession can vary greatly depending on the amount found. Possession of less than four ounces, or 113.4 grams, is considered a Class A misdemeanor. However, possession of four or more ounces of marijuana is a Class D felony, and possession of 100 pounds or more is a Class A felony, a serious crime.

When determining the seriousness of a possession charge, the "aggregate weight" of the substance is taken into account, including any adulterants or diluents. This means that even if the amount of the controlled substance is small, if it is mixed with other substances, the combined weight of all substances is used to determine the charge.

Drug dealers often mix illegal substances with other substances to increase the weight and profits. However, Arkansas law makes no distinction regarding the type of adulterant or diluent used or their purpose in determining the aggregate weight of a controlled substance.

This can lead to harsh consequences, as in the scenario of someone making brownies with a small amount of raw marijuana mixed with butter. If the total weight of the brownies is four or more ounces, it could lead to a felony charge.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a marijuana offense in Arkansas, it's important to seek legal representation. Greg Klebanoff, a criminal defense attorney, has had success arguing that juries should consider all factors, including common sense and the drastic effects a felony conviction could have on an individual's life. Contact our office today for more information.