Why choose Greg?

As a professional, Greg thrives off his stories of success for his clients and the hard work that's involved. He is deeply concerned by the outcome of each of his cases, and its affect on his client's life and well being. Because of this, Klebanoff & Associates has a reputation of taking cases to trial before jury, and obtaining acquittals or drastically reducing charges for their clients.

You probably already know that if you are facing criminal charges, suffering from personal injury, or are experiencing a family legal matter, you need a passionate attorney on your side for what's to come. Residents throughout Fayetteville & surrounding Northwest Arkansas choose Klebanoff & Associates Law Firm for legal representation and support. We are an experienced trusted law firm that serves the community by offering proactive legal counsel and zealous courtroom representation.

Work with an attorney who's not afraid to fight for you

Klebanoff & Associates Law Firm will fight to get you out from behind bars, as we have successfully done for hundreds of other clients. We will find better ways to resolve your divorce, child custody, adoption, paternity battles, and other family disputes. We'll fight for the compensation you deserve for your injuries. You won't feel alone in your case, because you'll have a dedicated attorney on your side to support you through thick and thin. We assist with:

  • Child custody and child support arrangements
  • Divorce proceedings and paperwork
  • Paternity and adoption cases
  • Misdemeanor or felony charges
  • Auto accident injury cases
  • Slip and fall cases
  • Other personal injury disputes

We're not afraid to fight for you and have a track record of taking matters to court. You deserve justice for your case - no matter what it entails. Contact Klebanoff & Associates Law Firm right now to schedule a consultation with a qualified attorney in Fayetteville & surrounding Northwest Arkansas.

Don't let your rights get left behind

Work directly with a law firm that cares about your future. Whether you're behind bars or hospitalized, you can rely on Klebanoff & Associates Law Firm to get you through it and get the best possible result. If you need a lawyer concentrating in criminal defense law, divorce, civil litigation, or personal injury law in Fayetteville & surrounding Northwest Arkansas, call to schedule your free consultation right away.

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