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Greg Klebanoff: Experienced Arkansas Probate Attorney

Welcome to Greg Klebanoff’s Probate Services: Arkansas probate attorney and a trusted ally during life’s challenging moments. When navigating estate administration and probate, you don’t have to face it alone. With empathy and expertise, Greg Klebanoff provides unwavering support to guide you through this difficult time. Understandably, probate can be overwhelming, but Greg’s deep understanding of the legal process and heartfelt approach will ease your burden. From validating wills to ensuring fair distribution, he is dedicated to protecting your loved ones’ legacies and honoring their wishes. With Greg by your side, you’ll receive personalized attention, compassionate guidance, and strong representation. Trust in his expertise to handle the intricacies of probate law, allowing you to focus on healing and preserving your cherished memories. Together, we’ll navigate the probate journey, ensuring a brighter future for you and your family.

Greg Klebanoff: Arkansas Probate Attorney

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Client Reviews


I was facing some extremely serious felony charges. Every other lawyer I talked to wanted me to accept a plea bargain with prison time. Greg is the only attorney who thought I should fight it. I hired him and got off completely. Wow! really. I can’t say enough good about him.




“I was framed for a class Y felony I did not commit and I hired Greg as my attorney and within a few weeks I was released with no issues pending. I was facing two life sentences for a crime I did not commit he is fair priced and totally on your side if he takes your case.”

“Every time I call him, he answers. He can’t care less if you call him on the weekend or whenever. He is there to help YOU.
Not only do I have every possible reason to believe that Mr. Klebanoff is an excellent criminal attorney, but he will claw his way to get what he wants for you. In my approximately fourteen months of being his client, and also having worked with him so closely, I know for an absolute fact that should he accept you as a client, your standards and your expectations of lawyers will never be the same again…
As a surgeon, I have always had the highest expectations of any professional I deal with. I am impatient, and I expect nothing but the best from the physicians I work with and the nursing staff. I do not give out compliments like this.…”

“Greg represented me on a Modification of Child Custody case. He seemed to genuinely care about my kids. He was very professional and kept me informed as to the status at all times. I was never left wondering. He is not just a good attorney, he is also a wonderful person with a good heart. I recommend him very highly to all.”

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