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Feb 17, 2024 | Criminal Defense

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Assault Lawyer

The VITAL Role of Assault lawyers:


When it comes to criminal charges related to assault or battery, having a skilled and dedicated assault lawyer by your side can make all the difference between going home at the end of the day and winding up in jail or even prison. Assault cases are often complex, emotionally charged affairs, and have extremely serious consequences. Whether you’re facing misdemeanor assault or more severe allegations, understanding the role of an assault lawyer is paramount.

What Is Assault?

Many people think assault is punching or kicking someone, but though legal terms aren’t always used consistently, in Arkansas and most other states, this isn’t assault; it’s battery. Assault is generally defined as intentionally placing another person in reasonable fear of imminent physical injury. As such, assault often does not involve injury or even physical contact. Drawing back your fist, swinging as someone and missing, sticking your finger aggressively in someone’s face, etc., can constitute assault. In Arkansas, most assault crimes are misdemeanors – punishable by no more than a year in county jail – though assaults involving deadly weapons, which can be a gun, knife, a club or even in some cases a vehicle, can be charged as felonies – punishable by a year or more in state prison.

The Responsibilities of an Assault Lawyer

1. Legal Representation: An assault lawyer’s primary duty is to provide high quality legal representation to clients charged with assault. They fight for their clients’ rights, ensuring a fair legal process and protecting them from unfair or unjust treatment. Whether you’re the defendant or the victim, having an experienced assault lawyer on your side can drastically affect the outcome of your case. 

2. Case Evaluation and Strategy: An assault lawyer thoroughly investigates and evaluates the facts of each case. They examine evidence, interview witnesses, and assess the strength of the prosecution’s case. Based on this analysis the assault lawyer develops an effective plan for beating of at least reducing his client’s charges. This plan may involve negotiating with prosecutors, filing pretrial motions, preparing for trial, and ripping the state’s case apart in open court. 

3. Defense in Court: When cases go to trial, an assault lawyer represents their client in the courtroom, presents evidence, cross-examines witnesses, and argues fine points of the law. The goal is to destroy or diminish the strength of the prosecution’s case. 

4. Plea BargainingWhile demolishing a client’s charges completely is always the goal, in some cases this isn’t possible. When this happens, plea bargaining is a common strategy. A plea bargain involves negotiating with prosecutors to diminish a client’s charges or reduce his punishment. A good assault lawyer knows when to pursue a plea bargain and when to fight for an outright dismissal.

5. Sentencing Advocacy: If a defendant is convicted, the sentencing phase becomes critical. An assault lawyer advocates for minimal sentencing. They present mitigating factors, highlights the client’s positive attributes, and argues for leniency. The goal is to minimize the impact of the conviction on the client’s life. 

6. Appeals and Post-Conviction Relief: Assault lawyers also handle appeals and post-conviction matters. If a defendant believes their trial was unfair or their rights were violated, they can appeal the verdict. Lawyers file appeals, draft briefs, argue before appellate courts, and seek to overturn convictions. Additionally, they assist clients with parole, probation, and other forms of post-conviction relief. 


An assault lawyer plays an indispensable role in the lagel machine, ensuring that their clients receive fair treatment and a vigorous defense. If you find yourself in the need of legal assistance related to assault charges, don’t hesitate to consult our office. Remember, everyone deserves a strong vigorous defense, and consultations in our office are always free. Give us a call! We fight hard for all clients!

Do you need a skilled trial lawyer to fight for your rights, provide unwavering support throughout the trial process, and ensure your voice is heard? Look no further than Greg Klebanoff. Waste no time and take advantage of his vast knowledge and expertise to achieve favorable outcomes, even in the most challenging cases. Your pursuit of justice begins with him.

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